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The Ideal City, 2007.

Can Janer, Art Gallery, Inca.

Brief approach to Isabel Serra's work


It is very important for an artist to his/her first step in the world of exhibitions, that his/her presence necessary in the hard Art channels. Some artist, some, few, reach this point with such a high baggage, as is the case of Isabel Serra in this exhibition initiative, whose work possesses the freshness of the newborn baby, and at the same time, the depth of maturity in its conceptual proposal.


Her weighty, strong and delicate work has an intense organic expressivity regarding the Essential, but it is, in fact, tidy and chaotic (both sides of the same coin simultaneously), it is like a city, subject of her investigation and effigy, in the work we can contemplate in this exhibit. A whole in its multidimensional vision in the application of the temporal sense in her compositions, in the whites, in the void, in the movement ... It is all about life rhythms in this assembly, in its order or in cosmos, like a way of transform the temporary succession of events.


   Her work suggests moments in life, made out resonances from the past, in the eternal present, as well as existing in the future, in a similar way as in the T. . S Elliot's Four Quartets, or Husserl's lessons on the intimate Phänomenologie des inneren Zeitbewusstseins,  that enlighten these movements of protective retention, on which some aspects of contemporaneous creation are inspired.


   We go round this exhibition like vital fluids do through a body. Isabel invites us to dive into this deep and enriching being, Heraclitus said for ever more.


Here, in her "very river", like in real life or better, like in a non-symphony (I remember John Cage), deeds swimming upstream take place, peculiar denials of non-place, for instance, of the presence, of the noise or silence. Honesty and a certain dose of intelligent humor, sensitivity regarding little details, which she will make larger without meaning it, perhaps like in some kind of evolving process that "without intention for producing perfection, generates interest" (Rem Koolhaas dixit).


But there is more interest here, it is something vibrant, the "silent resonance of time" (Cage), that moves through a complete nerve net and entropic places, spaces or landscapes, subtle but also wide, luminous instants, with some greatness, full of emotional beauty.


Jose Maria Yturralde

Painter, artist and professor of painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.





49th International Visual Arts Contest, 2014.

Pollença, Mallorca.

Artery No. 3


Urbanea, new artistic experiences, Manacor, Mallorca. 2013

Commissioner Biel Amer

Sweet Home Technology Project


"Interpretant Chopin". 2010

Traveling exhibition:

- Consolat de la Mar, Palma de Mallorca;

- S'Alamera, Eivissa;

- Exhibition hall of the Sa Màniga Auditorium, Cala Millor, Mallorca;

- Can Planes Museum of Contemporary Art of Mallorca, sa Pobla, Mallorca;

- Saint James Gallery, London;

- Instituto Cervantes, Varsòvia, Polònia.


Supermarket Art Fair 2010, with the joint project "Correpassadissos", Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden. 2010

Traveling Box Installation


XXXI Edition of the Enrique Ginestral National Painting Prize, Rafael Morales Cultural Center. Talavera de la Reina. Toledo. 2008

Urban order is part of the Ideal City project


"New Presences Project 2007", Chapel of Mercy. 11th Night of art. Palma de Mallorca.

Assem Class Struggle .


XXXVIII Contest of minicuadros. 2007

Castles in the air

Traveling exhibition:

- Elda Footwear Museum, Alicante;

- Cultural Center of Petrer, Alicante;

- Municipal Exhibition Hall of Sax, Alicante;

- Cardenal Herrera CEU San Pablo de Elche University. Alicante.


VII Exhibition of Young ART, Exhibition Hall of Palau del Barones de Santa Bárbara de Ontinyent. Valencia. 2007

Pololeo is part of the Ideal City project

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