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casal cas metge cifre ciutat instal·laci


"Una tirera de tot es carrer ..."


The regulation of the urban fabric transformed into the woven city, always ordered, modulated and pure is the antithesis of a daily reality that comes out of the inner fabric of the house to be free. The minimal size of the city refers us to children's toys and innocent tenderness, transformed through symbolism ... into a walk within the memories of the memory exploded within a heap of information. The module as a starting point, constant repetition of human monotony


-sleep-eat-work-eat-work-eat-a little leisure-sleep-


what price is the time to feel ... broken, heavy, uncomfortable, cold, distant, impersonal toys in cyclical games.


The society represented by the mimesis of reality within a capsule with no escape, just air, minimal space, and transparent ... a metaphor with wings that rises, falls and turns inside its nest. Absence of noise, there is only the feeling of presence, of what remains and what has been.


White, emptiness and movement play hand in hand within the same temporal space, separated in silence and mixed within time.




Always remains of the archeology of the present. Moments within spaces.

Isabel Serra, casal, incart 09.JPG

Installation of wooden houses of different sizes.

The installation consists of two parts, one outside where the wooden houses are located and the other inside where the houses are protected, lined with red and white Victorian fabric, a video that represents the (in)voluntary confinement and loneliness with a series of images that cause the viewer to crave a closed glass boat with a fly inside and a paper boat in the sea aimlessly inside another glass boat and to culminate with the work a realistic red drawing of an artery / road on canvas that evokes the departure or flight.


Indoor installation

15 houses lined in white and red Victorian fabric

Video installation (In)voluntary Confinement

Artery 0

Drawing on canvas

20 x 30 cm


About 1840 ... "a cloth wall and a button door were built, which makes it unseen and inaccessible, as everything private, affective and irrational should be."

The spirit of the street. Pablo Fernandez Christlieb

cas metge cifre instal·lació ciutat.jpg

The exterior installation can be modified according to the viewer wishes and is of an explanatory text:


Deconstruction of cities


Pieces without order,


... there are many streets, arteries that lead me to a destination, or perhaps I think I am building that destination ... a labyrinth

... you are free to dislodge the spaces, disorganize the city, create your own lines in the space, the houses protect you, there is no noise, perhaps it is just a game, but you decide ...

-this will be our secret-

now it will be a matter of touch, aesthetics or simply sight, feel the work, deconstruct it to build it.




Artery 0

Drawing on canvas

20 x 30 cm


Installation of cities or wooden houses of different formats


(In)voluntary closure

Video installation on wall


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